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GE Logiq e

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Year of Manufacture July 2010
Monitor 15" LCD
Software Version R 5.0.1
Available Features Basic,Logiqview, Anatomical M, Color M, Spatial compounding
Probes 4C-RS Convex
Price Rs. 6,00,000 + 12% tax / USD $ 9000 + Air Freight
Product Description
The GE Logiq e ultrasound is widely popular for some of the most pressing medical and diagnostic imaging applications, including anesthesia, head and neck, musculoskeletal, point-of-care, rheumatology, OB/GYN, abdominal, and more. To aid users in providing better, more accurate diagnostic imaging, the GE Logiq e leverages some of the following technologies:
  • TruScan Architecture
  • Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) helps detect blood flow
  • Rendered panoramic images up to 60cm
  • Simultaneous split-screen that shows two, side-by-side images for live scanning
  • SmartScan and ComfortScan technologies

Product Details

  • Height (console only): 61mm (2.49 in), 76.5mm (3.12 in) with handle.
  • Weighs approximately 4.6kg (10.1 lb)
  • Width: 340mm (13.88 in)
  • Depth: 287mm (11/71 in) for console only, 327 mm (13.35 in) w/handle
Power Supply
  • Voltage: 100-240 V AC
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: Maximum 130 VA with Peripherals
Console Details
  • Laptop style, designed with integrated HDD (40GB)
  • 1 probe port with micro-connection & rear handle
  • Wireless LAN support
  • Optional CWD support
  • Optional USB ECG (AHA/IEC) support

User Interface Specifications

  • Keyboard:
    • Alphanumeric format with ergonomically designed hard key operations.
    • Remote control of peripheral devices and DICOM devices via integrated recording keys
    • 6 TGC Pods offering re-mapping functions at any depth
    • Easy to see backlit keys
  • Display screen:
    • High resolution color LCD
    • 15 in. size with 1024 x 768 display
    • Easy to use interactive dynamics software menu
    • Open angle, fully adjustable from 0 to 160 degrees

System Overview

Used for:
  • Abdominal
  • Cardiology
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Vascular
  • Urological
  • Small Parts and Superficial
  • Pediatric and Neonatal
  • Intraoperative
Scanning Methods
  • Electronic linear (with slant scanning)
  • Electronic convex
Transducer Details
  • Linear array
  • Phase array
  • Convex array
  • Microconvex array
Operating Modes
  • Color Flow Mode (CFM)
  • B-Mode
  • M-Mode & Anatomical M-mode
  • Power Doppler Imaging (PDI)
  • Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD)
  • Continuous Wave Doppler (optional)
Standard Features
  • Hi-res 15-in. Color LCS
  • 40GB hard drive with external DVD R/W storage
  • 325 Frames (15 sec.) Standard CINE Memory (64 MB)
  • Ability to loop storage from memory and from “on the fly” scanning
  • Automatic Optimization Capability
    • Auto Tissue Optimization (ATO)
    • Auto CFM Optimization (ASO)
  • ACE (Adaptive Color Enhancement)
  • TruAccess, raw data processing
  • Database for patient information
  • Image archival capabilities (on hard drive0
  • Full M&A calculation package includes Real Time Auto Doppler Calculations
  • Cardiac & vascular calcs
  • OB & Gynecological calcs
  • Urological & renal calcs
  • Fetal trending
  • Hip dysplasia calcs
  • Multigestational calcs
  • LOGIQ View
  • DICOM 3.0 Connectivity
  • Easy 3D
Hardware options
  • Docking cart
  • Simple cart
  • Battery pack
  • 3 pedal foot switch (IPX8)
  • Optional: CWD, USB ECG (AHA/IEC)
Media & Peripherals
  • Standard external USB DVD-RW
  • USB thermal B&W printer with optional Sony UPD-897
  • Bluetooth wireless printers via HP450 printers (where available)
  • Memory stick
  • WirelessLAN w/Linksys WUSB4G supporting 802.11 a/b/g formats (where available)
Display Modes
  • Simultaneous capability
    • B/PW/CW
    • B/CFM or PDI
    • B/M
    • Dual B (B/B)
    • Dual B + CFM or PDI
    • Real-time Triplex mode
  • Available alternating modes
    • B/M
    • B/PW
    • B/CW
    • B + CFM (PDI)/M(optional)*
    • B + CFM (PDI)/PW
    • B + CFM (PDI)/CW
    • optional 3D mode
  • Multi image split screen
    • Live and/or frozen options
    • B + B/CFM or PDI
    • Independent Cine playback
  • Zoom: Read/Pan & from archive
  • Color image:
    • Colorized B, M, PW & W
  • Timeline Display w/independent dual B/PW/CW
  • Display
    • Top/bottom or side/side selectable
    • Format size: 1/2: 1/2; 1/3: 2/3; full format, ability to switch after freeze
    • Update mode with sweep-based time
  • Easily access Quad Screen Display across from split screen
Display Annotation
  • Show institution or hospital name
  • Choose from 3 selectable date displays: YY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YY
  • Choose from 24 or 12 hours
Operation identification
  • Patient name displays as First, Last & Middle
  • Patient ID: 31 char.
  • Gestational age from LMP/EDC/GA/BBT
  • Power output readout:
    • Mechanical index (MI)
    • Thermal index soft tissue (TIS)
    • Therma index cranial (bone) (TIC)
    • Thermal index bone (TIB)
  • System status (real time or frozen)
  • Probe orientation marker that correlates with a probe orientation marking on the problem
  • Image preview
  • Grayscale or color bar
  • Cine gauge
  • Measurement summary and results windows
  • Probe type
  • Application name
  • Imaging parapets by Mode:
    • B/M Mode: Frequency, Gain, Edge enhance & frame averaging, gray map, image depth, dynamic range, frame rate & percentage of power out
    • Color flow mode: Color flow frequency & color gain, spatial filter/packet size, line density & frame average, PRF, Wall filter, power output
    • PW-Mode: Doppler frequency, Doppler gain, PRF, Wall filter, sample volume with, dynaimc range, angle correction, power output
    • CW Mode: Doppler frequency, doppler gain, PRF, Wall filter, sample volume width, dynamic range, angle correction, power output
  • Focal zone markers
  • Body pattern (84 options available)
  • B scale markers (depth/width. depth, combination)
  • M scale markers (time/depth, time)
  • Image management menu (menu, delete & image manager)
  • Image palette
  • Caps lock on/off
  • System messages
  • Trackball status: scroll, measurement & analysi (M&A) position, scan area width and tilt and size.
  • Battery status
  • Biopsy guide line and zone
  • Heart rate
  • Primary parameter modes:
    • B mode: frequency, grey map, dynamic range, image rotate, focus position, colorize, edge enhance, uptown invert, focus number
    • Color flow mode: frequency, frame average, angle steer, packet size, PRF, color map, threshold, color invert, wall filter
    • M mode: Gray map, dynamic range, sweep speed, display format, colorize, edge enhance, full timeline
    • PW mode: Frequency, baseline, quick angle, sweep speed, PRF, SV length, colorize, angle correct, spectral invert, wall filter
    • Cine mode: loop speed, cycle select, start frame, end frame, frame by frame, run/stop, num cycles, first, last
  • Secondary parameters:
    • B mode: rejection, frame average, biopsy, line density, focus width, B softener, suppression, power output
    • M mode: Gray map, dynamic range, sweep speed, display format, colorize, edge enhance, full timeline
    • CF mode: baseline, dynamic range, line density, transparency ap, focus position, ACE, capture, spatial filter, power output
    • PW mode: rejection, dynamic range, display format, full timeline, trace direction, auto calculations, modify calcs, trace method, trace sensitivity, time resolution, spectral average, power output
    • CW mode: Doppler frequency, Doppler gain, velocity, wall filter, dynamic range, angle correction, % of power output
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