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GE Voluson S8

GE Voluson S8 Click to enlarge image*/


Year of Manufacture 2014
Monitor 19" LED
Software Version
Available Features
Probes RAB2-6RS 4D Convex,4C-RS 2D Convex And E8C-RS 2D Tvs.
Price Rs.16,00,000 + 12% tax
Product Description
  • 19″ LED monitor but no touch screen for navigation
  • Sleek design, lightweight and highly portable for a high-end console
  • Real time 4D probe RAB6-RS has 192 elements
  • Cost-efficient 4D Performance and productivity
  • HD Live (not quite at E8’s level)
  • SonoBiometry: Semi-automated biometry measurement for BPD, HC, AC, & FL
  • SonoNT & SonoIT semi-automatic, standardized measurements of the nuchal and intracranial translucency in the 1st trimester.
  • Some premium OB tools: SonoAVC follicle, SonoVCAD heart, & SonoVCADlabor
  • Elastography
  • Scan Assistant
  • Automatic Image Optimization
  • ViewPoint: reporting and image management enables users to create electronic reports
  • Battery Pack: limited autonomous power
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