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Year of Manufacture May 2012
Monitor 20" LCD Flat Panel
Software Version 6.3.6.
Available Features Abdomen,Pediatric,Urology,Small Parts,Musculoskeletal,Ob,Gyn,Vascular,Adult Cardiology,Contrast-General Imaging,Tcd,Interventional,Chinese performance,premium imaging, Panoramic Imaging,TDI,Basic 3D Imaging , 3D/4D Imaging, 3D Color,Stic, Live 3D, Live Xplane, Elastography, Netlink Dicom3.0,Digital Navigation Link, Query Retrieve,IMT, QLab 3DQ GI, Elastography Quantification Tool,TDI Strain Quantification, Smart Exam, Language Option: English,PAL Video
Probes V6-2 4D Convex
Price USD 26000 / Rs. 17,00,000 + 12% Tax
Product Description
Philips iU22 ultrasound system can be used by radiology labs, vascular labs and OB-GYN and perinatology applications. It can help create a streamlined workflow in all of those areas. In addition to its advanced imaging capabilities and easy to use features, the Philips iU22 can help speed up the entire process, from imaging to data storage.

Refurbished Philips iU22 Features

  • Can reduce ultrasound exam time by up to 50%
  • When used with the C5-1 transducer, it can image even the most technically difficult patients
  • 3D imaging
  • PureWave crystal technology
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