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Dear Niranjan,

Let me start thanking you for inviting me to visit your offices during my recent visit to Calicut.

It was indeed a pleasure and a wonderful experience to see the set up and the work that goes
on in the India Ultrasound Offices.

I was impressed with the processes that is followed to produce a Fully Refurbished Ultrasound System.
Clean and Dust free environment is maintained which is essential for the good performance of any
electronic product.I was amazed with the Probe Lab where even probes are repaired,if needed.

It would not be fair on my part if I do not mention about your dedicated team which I am sure helps you
to remain focus in your business activities.I thank all of them for their hospitality during my visit.

Last but not the least,the COLOUR DOPPLER magazine initiative had been a superb idea to be in touch
with the ultrasound fraternity as this magazine brings to all the current happennings in the Ultrasound Industry.

Well Done,my friend.Keep the good work going.

Best Regards

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