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Year of Manufacture 2012
Monitor 18’’
Software Version 2.0.8
Available Features Dicom Networking, Xres,Sono CT,Vascular, OB-Gyn, General imaging, Cardiac
Probes C5-2 Convex
Price USD 13000 + Air Freight / Rs 8,50,000 + 12% Tax
Product Description

Philips HD11XE, the complete ultrasound system package which is fully equipped with high-definition imaging, broadband beamforming, automated image optimization tools & clinically proven technologies.

Refurbished Philips HD11XE Features

  • Anatomical M-mode
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI)
  • 3D and 4D imaging
  • Sono CT
  • 2D with Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
  • Adaptive Color Doppler
  • Pulsed wave and continuous wave Doppler
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