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SIEMENS SONOLINE ANTARES Click to enlarge image*/


Year of Manufacture 2008
Monitor 15" CRT
Software Version 2.1.029A
Available Features basic
Probes CH4-1 convex
Price USD 7500 + Air Freight / Rs 5,00,000 + 12% Tax
Product Description

Siemens Sonoline Antares system offers fully integrated premium capabilities including superb 2D, 3D, 4D and Doppler imaging. Diagnostic confidence of the user will increase when using its efficient natural user interface, immediate 4D imaging access, seamless transition between functions, and excellent patient. Sonoline Antares was designed for abdominal, OB-GYN, obstetrics and vascular imaging which  is built on a completely upgradable platform. The system’s open architecture makes it easy to upgrade both the software as well as hardware, ensuring value for your investment.  Take advantage of new applications, the latest transducers and updated peripherals when you purchase the highly rated Siemens Sonoline Antares for your practice. The system offers impressive patient management tools and incredible imaging technology, combined with a user friendly ergonomic design for medical professionals.

Refurbished Siemens Sonoline Antares Features

  • Maximum Information Signal Acquisition(MISA) Beamformation
  • GigaProcessing Technology
  • Patented Precision Up-Sampling Technology
  • Core Acoustic Performance
  • Crescendo Multi-Dimensional Image Processor
  • Innovative ErgoDynamic Design
  • DIMAQ-IP Integrated Workstation
  • Crescendo™ Multi-Dimensional Image Processor
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