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Spare Sales July- September 2017

FROM 1/04/2017 TO 30/06/2017

Quarterly Report on Spare Sale of Ultrasound Machines

S.No System/ Model Customer State
1 Siemens X300 CWD Board Mr:Sathish Kumar Tamil nadu
2 Ge Logiq Book – Battery EVELYN SCAN CENTRE Manipur
3 Ge Voluson 730 Pro Hard Disk Christian Hospital odisha
4 Ge Logiq P6 – Cwd Board Q Med Hospital Tamizhnadu
5 Ge Logiq 5 Pro Hard Disk Vaidya Clinic Karnataka
6 Philips HD6 –  Keyboard Mansotra Scan Centre Punjab
7 Ge Voluson 730 Pro Mother Board EK Nayanar Memeorial Neethi Medical Centre Kerala
8 GE Volsuon 730 – CPP Board Suvidha Mother and Child Nursing Home Jammu
9 Philips Envisor – Graphic Card Dr.Deepak Ranchi
10 Printer – UP-X-898MD Javitri Devi Memorial Hospital Uttar Pradesh
11 Ge Logiq P3 U/S Supply Biomed Medical Systems West bengal
12 GE –  E8C Biopsy Guide Metromed International Cardiac Centre Kerala
13 Ge Voluson 730 Exp Keyboard Bionics Ultrasound Solutions Kerala
14 Ge Voluson 730 Pro Monitor Iqraa International Hospital & Research Centre Kerala
15 GE Voluson 730 – CKV Board Dr.M.Sulthan Tamizhnadu
16 Ge Voluson 730 CPN Fan Rathi Xray Sonography Clinic Gujarat
17 Ge Vivid S5 – Key Board Digital Meditech Solutions Uttar pradesh
18 Philips HD 11XE TR Board Trimedx India Private Limited-West Bangal West bengal
19 Ge Logiq 3 DBFU Board Muthoot Healthcare Pvt Ltd Kerala
20 Ultrasound Accessories Dr. Asha Jenkins Tamil nadu
21 Siemens Adara – Video Mgt Dr Sanjeev Kumar Choudhary West bengal
22 Ge Logiq Book – LCD Monitor Raghukul Xray Sonography Center Gujarat
23 Ge Logiq P5 – CWD Board PALLAVI TECHNOLOGIES Karnataka
24 Siemens Acuson X300 – RC Board Trimed Solutions India Pvt Ltd West bengal
25 Touch Screen Preassure Plate(IMPORT) GB Hospital and Maternity Home Chattisgarh
26 Siemens Accuson X300-DC DC U/S SUPPLY Mediquip Sale & Service Maharashtra
27 Ge Logiq P5 – CWD Kit Family Clinic Ultrasound Centre West bengal
28 Ge Voluson P8 Trackball Cable Dr, Sunil Prasad Kerala
Report submitted by Lisna (Spare Sales )

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