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  • We appreciate the great condition that you deliver all you equipment to us. The Sonosite equipment in particular is really professionally refurbished. Nobody else does the refurbishment as well as your company. We appreciate it! Thank you.
  • There are realities we all share, regardless of our nationality, language, or individual tastes. As we need food, so do we need emotional nourishment: love, kindness, appreciation, and support from others. We need to understand our environment and our relationship to it. We nee
  • Niranjan and India Ultrasound team,

    We are preparing to fly to Gujarat this morning. I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you for an opportunity to a life time memory visiting India Ultrasound and South India.

  • Thank You! the card conn assy arrived. it works perfectly. Thank you. At the next purchase.
  • Yes, we are satisfied with the product so far. The time it arrived, we had some problems with endovaginal probe.
  • We are satisfied with the product which is supplied by your company. Now we are interested to buy convex probe for Logiq 5 pro ultrasound scanner(3.5cs) kindly send the best price.
  • yes i got it in good working condition and i am satisfied
  • Dear Sir wanted to thank you for the uncomplicated handling of the ultrasound - machine deal. I also appreciated the visit of the two very kind and friendly technicians who came here - to the "very remote" area, to do the necessary. The only little difficulty was, that your mails are put in the SPAM file - for whatever reason.

  • we are extremely satisfied with the quality of your product
  • Mr.Niranjan

    Team Sabisu thanks team IUS for the courtesy extended during our visit to your office for the event of CD training. It was wonderful and informative. Team Sabisu is highly motivated and ready to fire by all cylinders. Our spl. Thanks to Mr.Jithish for his warm guidance and reception.

  • Dear Joshy both probes was tested ,they were great Thanks a lot I hope you and your company will gain much more success and famous day after days trough all over the world. Best Regards
  • On this day the shipment arrives Arrived excellently packed, we see that you are very careful.
  • Dear Sirs Received the probe today evening in excellent working condition & I must thank u for the same. The service which I received was excellent & prompt.

  • The equipment Logiq 5PRO arrive in Cape Verde.the equipmente arrived in very good conditions, and very good cosmetics .

  • Thanks for spending your valuable time with us and supporting us. We had a great time with you. We also appreciate familiar atmosphere in your company and the way your team has shared the knowledge with us.
  • Our sincere thanks! and gratitude for a great! learning visit to your esteemed company, myself and Subha were touched by your personal attention and support to us.
  • Through you I want convey Our Heartiest Thanks and Regards to M/S India ultrasound India , For Repairing 3.5 Mega Hz Convex Probe of L&T ltrasound machine of Distt Hospital Agra ( UP),Free of cost.

  • Dear Niranjan, It was really nice to have seen your facility last Saturday. Your people did a great job of showing me around and I obtained all the vital information that I needed to know.

  • “Niranjan is the best! Always nice to deal with a normal person and willing to offer a deal where possible. I would like to do more business if possible as we have to use a lot of suppliers in USA.”
  • Very much satisfied with the product and company. Looking forward for further business with us.
  • Have received machine. Still using it. No problems have faced yet. Overall satisfied.

  • Hello Sir,

    It’s wonderful experience. Well organised, Highly Informative and very comfortable hospitality I have ever felt in Domestic sector.I wonder about your High Calibre Team Work and the Quality you all deliver not only in product, but in every aspect.As a whole the Leadership by Mr. NIRANJAN is awesome.  In simple words, “I found the good seeds he sowed and hence, he reaps SUCCESS”.

  • Dear Niranjan,

    Thank you very much for your reliable and honest business. As your faithful customer, I'm looking forward for further collaboration.

  • Dear Sir Thank you for your efforts against all bureaucratic obstacles and I hope you will go on being successful in your business. Maybe I'll come for a visit in Kerala when once again in India - we'll see. Sincerely,
  • Machine is very fine. Still using it. Very much satisfied With the company.
  • SATISFIED. Planning to purchase a CD machine from us by january. Discussed Mani sir.
  • Yes i am satisfied with the product sent to me.
  • Dear Joshy

    First of all I really want to thank you and all your team for all the efforts you guys have made to finally get the equipment where it belongs to.

  • Hi Niranjan how are you? we have received the systems and they look really good, thank you the plastic you put on the footrest and keyboard what is this. it is really nice to have.

  • Very satisfied with the deal.
  • Probe in good working condition.
  • Satisfied with the apparatus still. No complaints.
  • Good machine. Satisfied with the persons and company.
  • Satisfied with the service provided and quality of work.
  • Probe in good working condition.
  • Satisfied with the service provided and quality of work.
  • Hi Niranjan, I am glad to inform you that I received the item. Again I thank you for your kind gesture and prompt response.
  • Dear Niranjan, Let me start thanking you for inviting me to visit your offices during my recent visit to Calicut. It was indeed a pleasure and a wonderful experience to see the set up and the work that goes on in the India Ultrasound Offices.
  • Mr Jameer I recievded RAB2-5L TRANSDUCER[132354KR2] ON DATE 12-12-12 and probe installed working well.
  • Niranjan, Aloka works good.All is OK.Thank you. I will increase collaboration with you next year.
  • We recently sent one convex probe of Toshiba JV200 for coating at your center and it returned back satisfactorily.. Assuring you of more business in future too.
  • Yes, I am very satisfied with the item that I received. Good packaging. They also helped me in minimizing shipping costs.
  • All satisfied
  • Very satisfied with the product. Looking to buy Linear probe from you.
  • Service engineer cleaned the machine. Now machine is in good condition, no problem so far.
  • Very good work.
  • still using the probe. All ok.
  • Dear Ms. Binsy / Mr. Joshy & Mr. Niranjan

    I’d like to thank you to send me prices, photos and videos. Also, I’d like to say that your job is extremely professional. I haven’t from others dealers this great job that you do, sending prices, pictures and now videos.

  • Dear Niranjan

    Thank you for the courtesy extended to us during our visit to your place. You have a nice team there. the visit gave us a real good insight into the operation of the ultrasound machine and its features.

    thanks and regards

  • Regarding the supply of the Logiq P5 Premium, yes we are reasonably satisfied with what we received.However, there were a few glitches.
  • Fantastic work, Have suggested our company to other doctors too.
  • No problems yet. Will contact us for further enquiry
  • Till now all ok, Satisfied with our company, Right now on a deal for logiq 100 pro with us.

  • No issues and satisfied.
  • The Alpha 6 looks incredible!
  • Greetings prasanth,

    The Logiq P5 has arrive in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I will go to the Sangster's Airport tomorrow to collect the Loqiq P5. 

  • Hello Niranjan, Today received pack from you. All is OK. Thanks.
  • Hi, I arrived well and I am grateful for your  kind reception and must say I enjoyed my visit to Kerala. My best wishes and please keep in touch.

  • Just arrived, it was a wonderful stay and experience . I am very very impressed about your growth.
  • The product   GE 11L-D   PROBE got. It is in good condition, all modes operate.
  • Probe is still using. No complaints have gone through yet

  • Still using the machine. After the service everything is gng well. Gud to get a feedback call. Thanks
  • Dear Maniji/ Joshiji/Niranjanji, Grateful thanks for sending your Engineer Mr.Navas P I will like to request that you kindly start a centre here.I can provide you all necessary infrastucture at almost NIL cost.I had expressed the same to Mr Navas

  • than u for your quick services. the probe images are good. small linear crack is there, but mr Bini raj told that it wont cause any trouble. pl send the invoice sos after the cheaque is cleared.pl also send the warrant letter. pl start ur repairing services in delhi also, it would be quite beneficial to northern region.

  • working properly. No complaints have faced after the service. Satisfied with the work
  • no complaint using it still
  • still using, no complaints yet
  • Thank you for call , all working fine. No problem, Fully working
  • Dear Joshy, We got the machine successfully. Everything is fine, we really like it. We are very pleased to be working with you. We have one more request. We need a service code, and service manual. -- Best regards

  • Thank you, Mani. Everything worked. Pleasure doing business with you again.

  • Satsified with product, It was delivered in time frame.I have had 2 positive experiences with your company and will not hesitate to reccomend you to my colleages , trading internationally can prove difficult it is refreshing to find a company that does hold its values.Thank you

  • Machine is working good. Satisfied with the company, No problems hve faced yet

  • No compliants yet. Will surely contact for future deal

  • Machine and probes working absolutely fine, no issues.

  • I'm very much obliged to you. This trip for me was a very good experience, experience and familiarity with the kind , hospitable and Honest people. Your training was very good for me because i gained new experiences in the field of ultrasound. I wish you many years of happiness. I wish you many years of happiness.

  • Your company does tremendous work. The last three systems you sent us were perfect, which is consistent with every refurbished system I have bought from you over the years.

  • Hi Jameer, everything is done. Sarath had come on time n machine is fully functional. N thanks for ur kind support.

  • Dear Mr. Binsy / Mr. Joshy & Mr. Niranjan I’d like to thank you to send me prices, photos and videos. Also, I’d like to say that your job is extremely professional. I haven’t from others dealers this great job that you do, sending prices, pictures and now videos.
  • Dear Mani, The direction you gave me on installing a new battery successfully solved the problem I have been complaining about. You are really an asset to your company. How I wish we have someone who knows his ultrasound engineering like you somewhere near my locality. Perhaps the Logiq 200 would have been fixed easily.

  • Very prompt, courteous and efficient sales & service, I already bought 4 units, 2 for myself (GE Logiq e & P3) and 2 for my friends (one Logiq e and one P5). All of them are working well with minimal maintenance. I would recommend this company to any one with out hesitation .

  • Dear mr mani After 15 months and by your company support in service and sale, now I have good back ground inside doctors and I am so busy, now I am collecting orders and I hope I will come less than 20 days  
  • Hello Sir... Our Voluson 730 Pro is working very nicely.
  • Dear Joshy,

    Today I have received the Logiq e and everything is in working order. Just wanted to say thanks for doing business. I am happy very with the purchase and will recommend you to my orthopaedic colleagues who are looking into purchasing an (non-portable) ultrasound too and happy to spread the word.

  • Great to have people like mr niranjan around , prompt servive, good backup and most important know the ultrasound problem well. Recently got my probe repaired which despite from being repaired by two seperate vendors was poorly performed. Happen to get INDIA ULTRASOUND contact from google . Contacted them and got prompt reply , best service and my probe issue is resolved
  • Solved the resolution problem amicably. Engineer Mr.Sam is very well behaved and cultured fellow...
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