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Falling Sex Ratio – A Disgrace for all of us



Prohibition of sex selection, before and after conception Regulation of prenatal diagnostic techniques (e.g. amniocentesis and ultrasonography) for detection of enetic abnormalities, by restricting their use to registered institutions. The Act allows the use of these techniques only at a registered place for a specified purpose and by a qualified person, registered for this purpose. Prevention of misuse of such techniques for sex selection before or after conception.Prohibition of advertisement of any technique for sex selection as well as sex determination. Prohibition on sale of ultrasound machines to persons not registered under this Act Punishment for violation of provisions of the Act6

Clause for sale of Ultrasound machines:

3.6.1. The PCPNDT Act regulates the sale of ultrasound machines only to bodies/ institutions registered under the Act. To ensure that this information reaches doctors and manufactures of such machines, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued advertisements all over the country about the amendments made in the PNDT Act regulating the sale of ultra-sound machines/imaging machines to clinics registered under the Act.

3.6.2. Manufacturers of ultrasound machines are required to send reports to the Appropriate Authorities giving details of clinics/doctors to whom they have sold the machines, so that the AAs can monitor the use of these machines.

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