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Ge Logiq F8

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Year of Manufacture Refurbished in 2017
Monitor 19” (482.6 mm) high-resolution LCD
Software Version R1.0.11
Available Features Basic, CW_Doppler, AMM, DICOM, LOGIQView, AutoIMT, ColorFlow, Easy3D, 4D, Elastography, TVI, Touchpanel
Probes 4C-RS Convex
Price Rs. 9,00,000 + 12% Tax , Usd 13500 + Air freight
Product Description
The refurbished GE Logiq F8 ultrasound system combines advanced ultrasound imaging technologies with a lightweight, small footprint, lower cost ultrasound specific for urology applications such as kidney, scrotal, and prostate exams. The Logiq F8 offers an easy to use interface that helps reduce overall scanning time. One-touch auto optimization, along with Coded Harmonics, Speckle Reduction, and Compound Imaging technologies, the GE Logiq F8 offers an easy-to-use high resolution imaging system at a good price.   The architecure of GE Logiq F8 incorporates proven cababilities of GE’s premium ultrasound system such as Logiq E9. At this price point, GE Logiq F8 has excellent price performance ratio because migrated advanced tools such as Phase Inversion Harmonic imaging, CrossXBeam, and Speckle Reduction imaging, help simplify image acquisition and enhance overall image quality like GE’s flagship model. GE Logiq F8 has a family look for both H/W and S/W of GE imaging flagship system so that its user is easy to accept its up-to-dated workflow tools such as Auto Optimization, Scan Assistant, and Scan Coach. Also, optional advanced clinical functions such as Static Elastography, Auto IMT, 3/4D, Tissue Velocity Imaing(TVI) with Q analysis, and B-Steer help a user expand applications of physician’s daily practice.  

GE Logiq F8 Features:

19” (482.6 mm) high-resolution LCD Articulating monitor arm 8.4” (213.4 mm) LCD touch screen Max 4 active probe ports Integrated HDD Integrated Speakers Probe Holders Gel Holder Front and Rear Handles Probe Cable Tray AO(Automatic Optimization) CrossXBeam(Spatial Compounding Imaging) SRI-HD (High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging) B-Steer Coded Phased Inversion Harmonic Imaging Virtual Convex Patient Information Database Image Archive on integrated HDD Raw Data Analysis Scan Assistant Scan Coach Real-Time Automatic Doppler Calculations OB Calculations Fetal Trending Multigestational Calculations Hip Dysplasia Calculations Gynecological Calculations Vascular Calculations Urological Calculations Vascular Calculations Urological Calculations Renal Calculations Cardiac Calculations
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