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Dr O. E. Chita

Dear Mani,
The direction you gave me on installing a new battery successfully solved the problem I have been complaining about. You are really an asset to your company. How I wish we have someone who knows his ultrasound engineering like you somewhere near my locality. Perhaps the Logiq 200 would have been fixed easily. I want to assure you that God is watching you and he will surely bless you now and forever. You have saved me from the trauma of losing the G20. Thank you. Thank you and thank you again. Continue doing your job diligently and your reward is coming soon. I would   not be surprised if you are part of a team that will manufacture a ground breaking ultrasound system one of this days.

This morning however, I connected and the monitor did not come on except for the 2 bulbs under it. The keyboard however was illuminated. I did not understand why. Luckily, this evening everything is working fine. I am not afraid again  because I believe you have the solution.

Have a nice weekend and greet your family and company staff.

Yours sincerely,

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