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Purchase Customers April – June 2016

FROM 1/04/2016 TO 30/06/2016

Quarterly Report on Purchase of Ultrasound Machines

S.No System/ Model Customer State
1 GE Logiq F8 (M) Indees Medical systems Tamil Nadu
2 GE Voluson E8 (M) , GE Vivid Q (M) , Logiq C5 (M) Pallavi technologies Karnataka
3 GE Voluson 730 pro (M) Dr. Tarun Saighal Uttar pradesh
4 Logiq Alpha 200 (M) Ravi Bio impex Hyderabad
5 Logiq 200 pro (M) Biosys imaging solutions Kerala
6 Logiq alpha 200 (M) HT ultrasound Delhi
7 Voluson 730 exp (M) , Vivid S5 (M) , Logiq P5 (M) Indeess medicals Tamil Nadu
8 Voluson 730 pro (M) with probes Delta diagnostics Karnataka
9 Envisor (M) with probes Nirvyaj dianostics Maharashtra
10 Envisor (M) with probes Dhruv diagnostics Delhi
11 4C-A (P) , L12-3 (P) , C5-2 (P) Krishna medicals Hyderabad
12 E8C-RS (P) Newtech medicals Tamil Nadu
13 4C-D (P), S4-2 (P), 4C-RS (P) Indees medicals Tamil Nadu
14 9L (P) , 4C (P) , 4C-D (P) Hospital needs Bhopal
15 10L (P) , 4C-A (P) , 4C-RS (P) Pallavi technologies Karnataka
16 3.5C Noesis technologies Tamil Nadu
M-Machine P- Probe A- Accessories
Report submitted by Neethu p (Purchase Manager)

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