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Purchase Customers April – June 2017

FROM 1/04/2017 TO 30/06/2017

Quarterly Report on Purchase of Ultrasound Machines

S.No System/ Model Customer State
1 Philips HD7 (M) Habib hospital Mumbai
2 Voluson 730 Pro (M) Indess Medicals TamilNadu
3 Logiq P3 exp (M) Indeess Medicals TamilNadu
4 Voluson E8 (M) Neomedi System Hyderabad
5 Logiq P5 (M) Focus Imaging Systems TamilNadu
6 Voluson 730 pro (M) Pallavi technologies Karnataka
7 Voluson E8 (M) Indeess Medicals TamilNadu
8 Vivid e (M) Indeess Medicals TamilNadu
9 Vivid e (M) Indeess Medicals TamilNadu
10 Vivid p3 (M) Lopamudra Medical centre Karnataka
11 Voluson 730 pro (M) Scan care TamilNadu
12 Philips HD3 (M) Srishti women’s clinic Karnataka
13 GE Vivid p3 (M) Pallavi technologies Karnataka
14 GE Logiq P5 (M) Aspire Nursing Home Jharkhand
15 GE Logiq e (M) Pallavi technologies Karnataka
M-Machine P- Probe A- Accessories
Report submitted by Neethu p (Purchase Manager)

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