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Purchase Customers October- December 2015

FROM 1/10/2015 TO 31/12/2015

Quarterly Report on Purchase of Ultrasound Machines

S.No System/ Model Customer State
3 GE Voluson 730 pro MA advanced diagnostic & Research centre Andrapradesh
4 GE Logiq P5 and Logiq P3 Pallavi technologies Karnataka
5 Philips L12-3 probe Pallavi technologies Karnataka
6 GE Voluson 730 pro Isha dignostics Karnataka
7 Sonosite Micromaxx  Joshy clinic, Solapur Maharashtra
8 Sonosite Micromaxx  Parale Hospital, Solapur Maharashtra
9 GE volume probes Pallavi technologies Karnataka
10 Philips S4-2,L12-3 Krishna Medicals, Hyderabad Hyderabad
11 GE 4C-RC probe Noesis technologies TamilNadu
12 Toshiba Xario with 03 probes Dr. Ashraf Ansari Maharashtra
13 Micromaxx with 01 probe Appolo Indraprastha Diagnostics Delhi
14 Vivid e with 02 probes Karnawati Hospital Diagnostics Center Rajasthan
15 GE Logiq 100 pro with 01 probe Karnawati Hospital Rajasthan
16 GE RIC5-9H  Pallavi Technologies Karnataka
17 Logiq C5 with 02 probe Mr.  Khaleel Karnataka
18 GE Logiq P6 with 03 probes Dr. Hardipinder Singh Mann Panjab
19 Sonoline G50 with 03 probe Mr.  Deepak Goa
20 Philips Envisor with 03 probe Dr. Sunitha S B Karnataka
21 GE Logiq C2 with 03 probes Healthcare Maharashtra
22 GE Logiq P5 with 02 probes Mr.  Deepak Lawande Goa
23 APS Board Pallavi Technologies Karnataka
24 CWD Board Pallavi Technologies Karnataka
25 Siemens EC4-9ED Indees medical  TamilNadu
26 Logiq C2 keyboard Indees medical  TamilNadu
27 APS Board Indees medical  TamilNadu
28 LOGIQ P6,LOGIQ E ,VOL P8,LOGIQ P5 , LOGIQ 3 LOGIQ P3 ,LOGIQ A200LOGIQ P5, VOL S8 ,LOGIQ  c5,FAMIO 5 Indees medical  TamilNadu
29 SA X8 with 03 probes Dr.Kalaiselvi, Mettur dam Tamilnadu
30 Philips IU22 with 10 probes Digital sky giagnostics Maharashtra
31 Logiq 100 with 01 probe Ashray urology centre Gujrat
32 Logiq A200 with 01 probe Suku C Oommen Kerala
33 Philips C5-2 and S4-2 Krishna medicals Hyderabad
34 Logiq 100 pro wt 02 probes  Dr. Soni , Udaipur Rajasthan
35 Siemense X300 with 04 probes Rajendra Neve Maharashtra
36 Envisor with 03 probes Dr. Sushil kumar Tiwari , patna Bihar
37 Vivid e keyboard Pallavi technologies Karnataka
M-Machine P- Probe A- Accessories
Report submitted by Neethu P(Purchase Manager)

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